Baby Room

Ages from three months to two years old

Each child is given an individual daily diary which informs the parents and carers of important things which have happened throughout the child’s day for example: what activities your child has taken part in, nappy changes, periods of sleep, meals eaten and quantities, snacks, and any other messages.

Children are given a wide variety of experiences, which involve all the senses, encourage learning and an interest in the environment whilst building relationships with their key person, and their peers. Activities can involve baby massage, sing and sign time, messy time including paints and much more fun.

We offer a safe, stimulating environment with the appropriate resources to develop your child’s curiosity, co-ordination, communication, and physical ability.

Toddler Room

Ages from two to three years old

Children naturally begin to become more curious about their environment. We use the ‘curiosity approach’ to support children’s development in this age group. Curiosity is an innate drive in our young children and infants, to explore and investigate the natural world around them and the environment in which they live.

Our toddler room has several natural objects to spark children’s curiosity; they become absorbed and engaged in their play experiences as they use their imagination with the twigs and pine cones. Being in an environment filled with encouragement your child will experience the early successes he or she needs to grow and develop their independence.

Children of this age are full of energy, growing in physical strength and so need time for exercise as well as calmer activities.

Practitioners aim to provide the children with opportunities to master potty training although all children are unique and this stage of development may happen at a later stage, it all depends on when your child feels ready.

Pre-school Room

Ages from three to five years old

Children learn through play and planned activities, both are adult and child led maximising your child’s learning. At this stage, children are becoming more sociable and independent and the practitioners work on building these skills to get your child ready for their school journey.

The layout of the room encourages exploration, communication and the development of relationships on all levels. Everything reflects a dedication to quality, beauty and to the children’s abilities to do things for themselves.

Children learn several self-care and independence abilities. Practitioners support and help children do other important tasks such as opening and closing doors, carrying trays and chairs, washing and drying hands, caring for books and blowing noses.

Our environment is full of opportunities to experiment with different and exciting materials. Children are allowed to be individuals, free to express their feelings and emotions and free to enjoy the rich worlds of movement, sound, colour, and sensation.

In our pre-school room, you will see children actually washing, cleaning and cooking rather than pretending to do these activities.