Why Choose us

Squirrels aims to provide a welcoming, friendly and caring atmosphere to help children become settled and confident during their time here. We pride ourselves on building long and lasting relationships with all our parents and carers. Fundamentally we believe that robust and strong relationships from the setting and to home are paramount to children’s learning, development and well-being.

Communication is the most upmost importance to developing your child’s learning that is why we have an online learning journey system that effectively share experiences from home to the setting.

Each child will be allocated a passionate and enthusiastic early years educator to tune into your child’s interests and help them develop. The educator will be introduced to you as ‘your child’s key person’. They will have knowledge and understanding on how your child learns and develops. Furthermore, they will have a unique understanding of what your child’s interests and needs are.

Our partnership with you is extended to giving your ideas, advice and suggestions for activities to try at home.